Twiglee is a contemporary design studio based in Sydney, Australia.
The Twiglee Store offers an exciting range of bespoke homewares; every item is handcrafted in our studio from sustainable materials. Twiglee combines beautiful natural timbers with highlights of on-trend colours and patterns to create bright, functional pieces for your home.

We have a range of salad bowls, serving boards, kitchen utensils, linen tea towels, picture frames, placemats and napkins. Mix and match your favorite colours and patterns to create your unique look. For enquiries and custom orders please contact

I am a Sydney-based creative who has worked as a successful fashion designer for many years. When I purchased my first home, I experienced a few changes. My love (truthfully, obsession) of clothes and shoes quickly shifted - all of a sudden I was buying paints, curtains, artworks and dreaming of cushions! Anything I could put in my home to brighten the space which was now mine.
I have always thrived with the ‘hands on’ approach to design. I love learning about new techniques and using them to develop beautiful products. I started looking for an adventure to explore, I wanted to deliver bespoke homewares into people’s homes. I am able to use my prior knowledge of colour, texture and pattern to evolve naturally into something that is unique and beautiful. Every item is hand painted, crafted or made by me! Time has been taken to ensure you have the highest quality product. Most importantly love and inspiration have been added to ensure its truly special and something you can treasure for years to come.

Samantha (Twiggie) Lee